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Franchise Story of Davinci Gelato

DaVinci Artisan Gelato has been providing customers with the finest quality gelato since our first location opened in Mykonos Island in 2012.


DaVinci is one of the largest and fastest-growing Gelato inspired companies in Greece. DaVinci started its celebrated journey with the introduction of renowned Artisan Gelato Shops which have since become important culinary landmarks and as an indispensable part of the food & beverage space in Greece.


Since its inception, DaVinci has successfully positioned itself as a leader and an industry expert in the Artisan Gelato, F&B, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution sector with over 60 varieties of Gelato, 8 product categories, multiple shop designs for different locations under one umbrella in Greece. The continued success of DaVinci is a product of high standards, hands-on personnel, and consistent quality of the services offered. DaVinci provides an extraordinary experience to its customers, ensuring complete satisfaction.


We currently have 10+ shops throughout Greece and a handful of shops in Cyprus. Our artisan gelato are healthy, but indulgent and from the very first scoop, you can taste our commitment in quality, freshness, and flavor. We produce all the serving fresh ingredients on a Daily Basis in-house, based on traditional Mediterranean recipes mixing old techniques by using the latest technology, without fat or preservatives.


If you’re looking to play a bigger role in a growing and dynamic Brand, then we’re looking for qualified individuals to help us continue our story as DaVinci franchisee. Here are just a few ways DaVinci can help you to make your shop one of the most successful and unique artisan gelato shops:

  • Industry-leading franchise support

  • Management and employee training programs

  • A modern shop design

  • Sharing our freshly made gelato

  • Strong customer loyalty and relationship with the brand

  • Dynamic and growing brand presence

  • Our unmatched experience in the design and construction of DaVinci shops



What We Look for in Franchisees

What attributes and capabilities make a great DaVinci franchisee?

  • Passion and commitment to our brand and the efficient operation of the businessto a very high standard

  • Ability to lead, mentor, train, and develop a strong team of people

  • The financial and management resources to support the business plan andoperation required

  • Excellent knowledge of the local market and especially of the touristic hotspotsand high traffic areas

  • Knowledge of the local real estate market and the development process

  • Business acumen and experience

To express your interest please complete our

  • How can I learn more about franchising?
    Feel free to email us at
  • What kind of franchisees are you looking for?
    We’re looking for entrepreneurial individuals who are interested in expanding their horizons and dedicate their time and energy to DaVinci Gelato. You must have a passion for our brand and gelato.
  • Is there a location limit?
    No, there is not! Currently, we are looking for potential franchisees in both Greece and select international markets/regions.
  • What are a few of DaVinci's franchising advantages over the competition?
    DaVinci’s franchising advantages include simple operations, high quality goods, ‘secret’ gelato paste, and quick customer transaction time.
  • How long does it take for an application to be pre-approved?
    We review applications on a daily basis and get back to you within the week.
  • How many DaVinci may I open in my country/state/neighborhood?
    We'll study your specific area and provide you with the tools to maximize your potential.
  • How do I obtain a copy of your Franchise Disclosure Document?
    Our Franchise Disclosure Document is shared with potential franchisees upon submission of our franchising application.
  • How much income will the shop generate?
    Unfortunately, we're unable to predict sales and due to franchise laws, we cannot share data for other shops. However, we do provide a Franchise Disclosure Document along with a proforma to potential franchisees.
  • From where are supplies purchased?
    Supplies are purchased from DaVinci warehouse and DaVinci approved vendors.
  • Do you provide training?
    Yes, in addition to ongoing guidance, we offer relevant training on all management aspects of running your shop.
  • Do you provide marketing assistance and ongoing feedback?
    Yes, we provide ongoing assistance pre and post-opening. Our support includes digital (social, website), print (signage), content (design, photography), development, and more.
  • Do I need previous franchising or gelato experience to become a DaVinci franchisee?
    Excellent franchise candidates come from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries.
  • How do I get started with opening a DaVinci franchise?
    Simply fill out our request form.
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